Kick-start the recovery process with BLN Recovery.

During moderate to intense workouts, your main fuel source is glycogen. BLN Recovery restores depleted muscle glycogen with 40 grams of fast digesting carbohydrates in the form of Dextrose. These workouts also tear down muscle tissue. BLN Recovery helps rebuild muscle with 25 grams of the highest quality whey protein isolate. Citrus Fruit

Make proper nutrition simple with BLN Complete.

BLN Complete gives your body the perfect blend of the highest quality protein sources (10.5 grams of Whey Isolate, 7 grams of Milk Protien and 6.5 grams of Miscellar Casein). This blend ensures a steady stream of the right amino acids throughout the day. BLN Complete also supplies you with a solid 3 grams of essential fats from flaxseed meal. These essential fats offer a wide range of health benefits such as enhances fat loss, decreased fat storage, as well as decreased inflammation. Vanilla Cream & Dark Chocolate

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