Bill lawrence nutrition

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About Us

BLN (Bill Lawrence Nutrition) was founded by Bill Lawrence.  Bill is the owner of a small group personal training facility ( as well as CrossFit Meadville located in downtown Meadville PA.    

Bill has been transforming bodies and educating the public on proper nutrition since 1999.   Bill’s nutrition philosophy has always been a simple but effective one based mainly on consuming the right nutrients at the right time.  That means multiple feedings of high quality protein, healthy (Omega-3) fats and the right type of carbohydrates at the right time. As we all  know, it’s not easy to eat six perfect “real food” meals per day and that’s why BLN was created.  We needed a supplement that would make getting the proper nutrients at the right times simple, convenient and delicious. BLN COMPLETE and BLN RECOVERY give you everything you need!